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SAP SCM Training in Gurgaon

What is SAP?

SAP – “System Application and Products” is a real-time software. SAP manages customer relations and business operations. SAP is referred to as the company, SAP SE (Systems, Applications & Products) in Data Processing, and the products developed by that company.

Types of SAP Versions:

SAP R/1: It is the first version of SAP developed around 1972. It is initially known as the “R/1 System.” R stands for Real-time data processing. It is a one-tier architecture where 3 layers (likely presentation, application, and Database) are installed in a single system or server.

SAP R/2: This is the second version of SAP released in 1979. It includes an IBM database and a dialogue-oriented application. It is used to handle different currencies and languages. R/2 is a two-tier architecture with 3 layers of Presentation, Application, and Database are installed in 2 separate servers with Presentation in server 1 and Application, Database in server 2.

SAP R/3: This is the upgraded version of R/2. It is designed as the client/server version of the software with a 3-tier architecture which installed 3 layers of Presentation, Application, and Database in 3 different servers.

Syllabus of SAP SCM Course in Gurgaon:

Module 1: Demand Management


  • PIR creation

  • PIR consumption

Module 2: Material Requirement Planning

  • Planned order creation/Purchase requisition creation

  • Planned order conversion

Module 3:Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling

  • Rule-based Check

  • Multi-Level ATP

  • Explanation & Simulation Feature

  • Global ATP/OPTP interface

  • Overview of PPDS, Prerequisites, Prod. Planning with ECC

  • Master Data & Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNP, DP, GATP

  • Demand Management, Requirements & Sales Orders in PPDS

  • Production Planning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)

  • Planning Heuristics

  • Capacity Requirements, Capacity Planning / Leveling

  • Optimizer

Module 4: Order Management

  • O2C Cycle Overview

  • OM Setups

  • Transaction Types

  • Document Sequence

  • Pricelist

  • Modifiers & Qualifiers

  • Std Sales order Cycle

  • Defaulting Rules

  • Shipping Transaction

  • Quote

  • BSA

Module 5: SNP Configuration

  • Planning Areas

  • Planning Books

  • Macros and Alerts

  • Navigation in the Planning Table

  • Introducing Quota Arrangements

  • Transactional Data used in Supply Network Planning

Module 6: The Supply Network Planning Heuristic

  • SNP Heuristic Run

  • Capacity Check and Leveling

  • Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic

  • SNP Heuristic Scheduling

  • Hierarchical Planning

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